Washable Panel PC for Slaughterhous Pc

You still think the slaughterhouse factories are the place with dirty blood, stinky smell and very uncomfortable environment? That's would be a big mistake, or you can say, something can be changed by using right coworker. Looking at how elegant, clean, and efficiency job done by the slaughterhouse with a fully waterproofed Panel PC to control the status of the slaughter process.

Special features for slaughterhouse panel pc are
Fully sealed connector and cable protection
Resistive touchscreen for easy operation
The Stand of full IP65 Panel PC/Display can be customized by special request.
Reliable, Reliable, Reliable
Full IP65 PCs off course the best partner in the slaughterhouse. Neither blood nor water spray have any possibility to damage the computer.
Enhance Productivity
With PC and some 3rd party professional production management software for slaughterhouse, it enables the system to be controlled by remote assistance.
Friendly Touch Control for User
Interactivity interface to operate the device, even with glove the operator can easily to record & control the process.
Water-dust IP resistant
Sunlight Readable
Anti-shock/ Vibration
Anti-shock/ Vibration


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