About Avza Tech

AVZA TECH. was founded in 2008, we are one of the major design and manufacturing companies in the industrial computer & embedded field. Since our establishment, Avza Tech has successfully gained worldwide recognition for our innovative designs and outstanding customer satisfaction.

Our customers come to us when they want a single, reliable, and valuable source for their industrial computer and embedded platforms.

Our comprehensive product lines include Embedded Motherboard, System on Module, Single board computer, Embedded system, Industrial Bare bone, Network Appliance, Touch Panel Computer, Human Machine Interface(HMI), Medical Pc, Industrial Network & Digital Signage. Our creative Concept Of Integrated service for embedded computing assures trusted delivery and valuable system integration from board-level design-in to system-level design vertical markets in Automation, Transportation, Medical, Digital Signage,POS, Touch Kiosk, Retail, Network Security, Green Power And Much More.

Avza Tech Commitment to corporate social responsibilities is Evident within our Work Environment as

well as our Employee Work Ethics. We take pride and ownership in what we do through our commitment for excellence in quality and in getting results.

Product Strategy

Avza Tech main products include HMI Controllers, Industrial Panel PC, Engine Box PC, Industrial Display Monitors, etc. They apply to equipment automation, factory management, monitoring systems, and even automation in daily life. They cover logistic management systems, intelligent transportation management systems, building automation and monitoring systems, kiosk systems, etc. From common factory production to commercial automation, transportation, medicine, and so on, Avza Tech can provide related hardware platforms and complete service and solutions to meet customers' needs in different industries and applications. Our product strategies are given below:

Based on system hardware platforms, provide HMI hardware architectures, CPU levels for product lines, LCD sizes, flexible custom-making of "small quantity and great variety". Provide "small quantity and great variety" of industrial computers, complete with diversified hardware and basic software. CPU levels, LCD sizes and equipment specifications are optional to meet customers' different needs and applications.

Quality Policy:

Avza Tech actively support environmental protection by working with suppliers and customers. To implement effectively the quality system, a series of strict tests will be made throughout the design process, such as EMI test, vibration test and temperature test. This is currently dealt with through a comprehensive plan which is being implemented to comply with the RoHS directive within the allotted timeframe. Our intentions are to be fully compliant on the date established by the EU.

1. Customer Satisfaction

2. Innovation & Creation

3. Pursue Excellence

4. Sustainable Business.